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Time to quit smoking?

You have a choice about your life and about your health. How does it feel to think about telling the people in your life that you are leaving the party early? What is it going to take for you to stop?     

Withdrawal difficulties are largely the result of  conditioned responses. We reinforce these conditioned responses with habitual beliefs and self talk. “Quitting is so hard”, "I just don't think I will be able to stop". "I want a cigarette so bad, I won't be able to think straight until I get one." Using these statements you are asking your body to crave a cigarette and make yourself feel you can't think straight until you get one. You have been getting what you asked for.

Hypnotherapy reinforces the rational understanding and decision to be a non smoker as a subconscious decision. Many smokers stop using rational means alone and many others with hypnotherapy alone. Together they reinforce each other and produce truly outstanding results.

Becoming a Non Smoker

Because you want to. Research has shown that the best way to stop smoking is to pick a quit day and prepare for it. Stop on that day and resolve never to take another puff. You are stopping because you want to. No one is forcing you; you are free to do as you want. You are free to stop.

Daily Until Your Quit Day:

Remember to really be aware of each cigarette you smoke; watch others smoke. See it and feel it for what it is. Tell the truth about smoking, remind yourself why you are stopping. It can only hurt you if you don't see it for what it is. A dangerous expensive habit that ruins your health and robs your money. Search You Tube for quit smoking ads. You have nothing to fear from stopping smoking. You need a healthy concern for continuing to smoke.

It doesn't matter if you smoke less or more until your quit day.
Just remain aware of the truth about what cigarettes are and how they hurt you and focus on your quit day. Some people use the days before quitting to cut down. Others smoke more because they know it is going to be over soon.

There is nothing in a cigarette that I need. Write this phrase on some post it notes along with your quit date and put them where you will see them: in your car on the bathroom mirror and on your computer.

Spend some time, each day seeing yourself as a non smoker. As you drop off to sleep imagine yourself feeling and looking great, refusing cigarettes, really enjoying a cup of coffee, a drink or time with friends without smoking. See and feel yourself enjoying all aspects of your life without cigarettes. Especially those times that you have strongly associated with cigarettes. If you are a religious person you can ask for help from your Higher Power.

There is nothing in a cigarette that you need -  There never was.